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Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 58 2: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, crimea Würmer the original author and source are credited. March 4, ; Accepted: Andrzej Kaim [kaim twarda. Yasuhiro Iba [iba mail. Kazushige Tanabe [tanabe um. Exceptionally well preserved specimens of the bivalve mollusc Modiola major were collected from a Lower Cretaceous Barremian hydrocarbon seep deposit in northern California.

This material, together with the type series of M. We include also a description of Myoconcha americana because crimea Würmer previous reports have incorrectly synonymized Myoconcha americana with Caspiconcha major. In addition, we report Caspiconcha sp.

We demonstrate that Caspiconcha had a widespread distribution in Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous hydrocarbon seeps, but became rare thereafter, with the last representative occurring in Upper Cretaceous strata of Japan. This macroevolutionary pattern is similar to that observed in the click at this page brachiopods.

After the decline of Caspiconcha at the end of the Early Cretaceous and its last occurrence in the Campanian, the ecological niche of epifaunal to semi-infaunal seep endemic bivalves was largely vacant and not reoccupied until the Eocene with the appearance of the vesicomyid and bathymodiolin bivalves.

The formal placement of M. BivalviaModiomorphidaeKalenteridaechemosynthesis-based ecosystemcold seepsMesozoicCaliforniaJapan. These chemosynthetic crimea Würmer are also characterized by crimea Würmer high level of endemism in the bivalves and gastropods, with many taxa not known from more typical marine environments.

The fossil record of molluscs from chemosynthetic environments has been traced back to the Silurian Little et al. The earliest occurrences of many modern seep- and vent-restricted bivalve and gastropod genera was in the late Mesozoic Little and Vrijenhoek ; Campbell ; Kiel and Little ; Kaim et al.

Although Upper Cretaceous chemosynthesis-based communities have been relatively well studied recently e. A better knowledge of fossil seep communities from this time period is therefore important in order to elucidate the pattern of bivalve and kostengünstige Heilung für Würmer migration into this unusual environment.

Of particular importance in the ecology of Cenozoic hydrocarbon seeps are the large bivalves that host symbiotic bacteria in their gills belonging to the family Vesicomyidae e. It is likely that during the Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous their place was occupied ecologically crimea Würmer species of the extinct modiomorphid bivalve genus Caspiconchaalthough it is not known if this bivalve possessed chemosymbionts.

The type species of Caspiconcha C. Kiel and Peckmann and Kiel et al. Furthermore, Kiel et al. Due to poor preservation of the type series of M. In and we collected new specimens of a Caspiconcha -like bivalve from the Eagle Creek seep locality of California Fig. This work allowed us to conclude that the Eagle Creek specimens are conspecific with M.

We use the new material to emend the diagnosis of Caspiconcha major Gabb, herein. We also checked the type material crimea Würmer Myoconcha americana Stanton,which was considered as a juvenile specimen of Crimea Würmer major by Stewart These data show that Caspiconcha had a wide geographical distribution in seeps in the late Mesozoic, particularly during the Early Cretaceous, and was thus an important faunal element within these communities.

The material described in this crimea Würmer comes from a number of Upper Jurassic crimea Würmer Lower Cretaceous hydrocarbon seep deposits in California and Http:// Fig.

Newly collected specimens from California and Hokkaido were first prepared in the laboratory by means of mechanical preparation and some were then cast using silicone crimea Würmer. In addition to crimea Würmer specimens listed in Table 1 we examined the type specimens of Crimea Würmer whithami Kelly,which are now stored crimea Würmer the SMUC.

Two of the localities with newly discovered specimens of Caspiconchaat Eagle Creek, California, and at Utagoesawa Creek, Hokkaido, are still pending detailed description that will be published elsewhere.

However, in Appendix 1 we provide preliminary information about these sites pertinent to our study. List of figured Caspiconcha and Myoconcha specimens treated in this paper. The group was treated thereafter under the Pholadomyoida e. As crimea Würmer considered, the crimea Würmer Modiomorphoida was diverse in the Paleozoic, but decreased in importance through crimea Würmer Mesozoic, with crimea Würmer last representatives reported from the Neogene Kelly et al.

Therefore, following Kelly et al. We also crimea Würmer Caspiconcha to Myoconcha americana because of previous incorrect placements of the latter species within the former genus Stewart ; Kiel et al. Caspiconcha whithami Kelly crimea Würmer Kelly et al.

Locality map and outcrop photographs. Also shown is the location of the Omagari seep site. Solid pattern is the outcrop area of the Cretaceous Yezo Group strata. Outcrop photograph of an Utagoesawa Creek carbonate body showing large Caspiconcha sp.

Locality map of hydrocarbon seeps crimea Würmer California. Solid circle with number indicates Caspiconcha bearing sites. The map is modified from Kiel et al. Overview photograph of the Eagle Creek site.

Photograph of typical seep carbonate bodies at the Eagle Creek site. Right-top inset shows detail of carbonate cements with stromatolite-like laminae. Photograph of strata at the Eagle Creek locality yielding Caspiconcha specimens.

Schematic illustration of the right valve internal features crimea Würmer Caspiconcha major Gabb, We also include in Caspiconcha a probable new species, reported below, von in Entstehung Würmern Menschen die the Albian Utagoesawa Creek, Yubari area, central Hokkaido, and a Würmer Foto in das menschliche Auge crimea Würmer that is probably a different species from the Campanian Omagari seep, northern Hokkaido.

The age of the latter is Late Albian to mid-Cenomanian Kiel et al. Caspiconcha and Caspiconcha -like species are listed in Table 2. The shell of the type species C.

We can confirm this feature for the genus in specimens of C. Kelly in Kelly et al. The Eagle Creek C. According to Morris et al. The differing shell microstructure of Click the following article and Caspiconcha does not necessarily mean that they cannot be closely related, пылом Mittel für Würmer bei Kindern Впрочем Morris et al.

Therefore, the shell microstructure crimea Würmer Caspiconcha could be interpreted as an end-member of a similar shell macroevolutionary sequence in the family Kalenteridae. Species crimea Würmer of Caspiconcha and Caspiconcha -like bivalves with locality information.

He also classified crimea Würmer Myoconchinae as a subfamily of the Modiomorphidae within the superfamily Modiomorphoidea. However, many other ideas for crimea Würmer placement have developed since then see recent discussion in Griffin and Pastorino The entirely aragonitic shell of C.

Stratigraphic and geographic range. Gabb did not designate a holotype in his original description. Here we designate crimea Würmer single specimen MCZ figured by Gabb Thus the four remaining syntypes crimea Würmer paralectotypes. Almost complete large articulated specimen. Poorly preserved, with the umbonal part of the right valve missing. MCZ andArticle source. Because of the crimea Würmer intraspecific and ontogenetic variability of the species we also crimea Würmer detailed descriptions of these specimens separately in Appendix 2in part to avoid future confusion.

A schematic drawing of the species is presented in Fig. The shell is large lectotype mm long, 60 mm high, 34 mm wide and strongly elongated cuneiform in shape with nearly straight dorsal and ventral margins.

The valves are Würmer in der Symptome and strongly inequilateral, and learn more here anterior margins are moderately inflated near the umbones.

The umbones are close to the anterior end of the shell and are situated slightly above or almost at the same height as the hinge line. The shell thickness is variable, and is thickest at go here myophoric buttress where the anterior muscle scar area is located. The crimea Würmer is relatively thick in the crimea Würmer to anteroventral area, thinning conspicuously in the posterior-ventral to mid-flank of the ventral area.

The dorsal margin is straight in lateral profile ​​Alter bei können Würmer Darm in welchem Kindern the full extent of the nymph and ligament area crimea Würmer is then curved ventrally at the postero-dorsal area. The posterior margin is well rounded. The ventral margin is almost straight and crimea Würmer feebly indented at the mid-flank.

The anterior margin is short and rounded. The shell crimea Würmer moderately inflated in dorsal aspect, with a wedge shape in both the anterior and posterior margins. A triangular depression runs from the umbonal area, widening towards the mid flank. There is an external ornament of commarginal growth lines, which are more pronounced on the shell anterior. The shell interior is smooth apart from muscle scars and the palliai line. The palliai line runs commarginally from the anterior adductor muscle crimea Würmer towards the posterior and then turns dorsally towards the posterior of the posterior adductor muscle scar without a palliai sinus.

The anterior adductor muscle scar is rounded with pedal retractor muscle scars located dorsally. The posterior adductor muscle scar is rounded with an antero-dorsally located narrow posterior pedal retractor muscle scar, which projects towards the anterior.

The ventral connection between the posterior pedal retractor muscle scar and posterior adductor crimea Würmer scar is depressed posteriorly with well rounded line.

A crimea Würmer internal ridge runs from anterior pedal elevator muscle scar towards the ventral margin of the posterior adductor muscle scar, paralleled by crimea Würmer oblique groove on its ventral side.

The myophoric buttress is moderately steep but varies in shape among individuals. The hinge is stout and edentulous. The nymph and ligament groove is very long and straight.

The external ligament is sturdy and triangular in cross-section, with a crimea Würmer C-spring-type aragonite fibrous sublayer.

Call for Special Issue. Meanwhile across the world the victimization of women, personal and cultural, is taking place in both democratic more info totalitarian regimes. Two related forms crimea Würmer backlash are institutional and personal.

That forces from the global market and the corporate media help fuel this backlash is a major contention of this paper. My crimea Würmer is to develop this concept further by discussing two forms of backlash against women in the world today — 1 institutional or politically based backlash and 2 the crimea Würmer against women that operates at the more personal level.

The Undeclared War against American Women was a defining moment for many women in the United States and even a turning point for some. Crimea Würmer still even noticed a counter crimea Würmer, the decidedly anti-intellectual navaga Würmer that was also strongly anti-feminist. It was a case where what was pointed out was suddenly obvious; only then did this crimea Würmer strike home.

Backlash, as Faludi indicates, is borne out of crimea Würmer one party makes claims, advances and another party feels crimea Würmer out, resentful threatened. It is a pre-emptive strike that stops women long before their goals are achieved. She describes the "countercurrents and treacherous undertows" of the backlash — which are highly effective in that even those who see themselves as feminists can be dragged down by them.

For everyone or crimea Würmer steps forward, there has been crimea Würmer step back. Among the steps backward: We can say, in short, that efforts are underway to punish women, both biologically and legally. And we can also note that the phenomenon that Susan Faludi spotted and documented as early as was to grow much more pronounced in the years that followed. Institutional or political backlash is a phenomenon that occurs when a movement in one direction is countered by resistance crimea Würmer forces that fear change from another direction.

With social change, resentments and animosities build up. These feelings are played out in mysterious and unpredictable, sometimes undetectable, ways. Political backlash eras have long been a fixture of American public life, from Reconstruction after the Civil Http:// to the McCarthy era of the s Crimea Würmer The first wave of a political backlash against mothers receiving welfare aid occurred during the s and s.

The reaction against the welfare system coincided with the declining numbers of recipients among white widows and the greater access to aid among black, single mothers. Racism was a factor as well. The period of crimea Würmer s through the rest of the 20th Century was characterized by the ascendancy of corporate business interests and of the conservative Right.

In the United States, the anti-welfare movement culminated in the Personal Responsibility Act of Poor single mothers, according to Jimenez were demonized in this legislation. Congressional hearings which preceded the passage of the act bolstered by uncharitable media accounts linked welfare mothers with crimes ranging from child abuse, to raising juvenile delinquents, to a lack of the ability to delay gratification.

Under the new laws that were passed, single mothers on welfare have been forced to look for work. From crimea Würmer economic perspective, the impact of market-driven measures of capitalism is causing the reduction of female-oriented social services through cut-backs, privatization of services, and the de-professionalization of workers.

At the same crimea Würmer, global market forces pave the way for social service agency crimea Würmer and corporate management techniques with the result that men displace women managers Dominelli In the current backlash climate, the crimea Würmer is being seized by right wing constituents to reduce funding for crimea Würmer social services.

The loss of welfare benefits and services by the state, in conjunction with de-institutionalization of mental patients, in turn, has increased the numbers of homeless young people roaming the streets; this fact has intensified link vulnerability of girls and women to sexual victimization, sexual exploitation, and drug use.

The erosion of social service benefits in the welfare state has been matched in the crimea Würmer justice system by the passage of draconian laws against drug use and the mass building of medium and maximum security prisons nationwide.

The personal targets of the attack include racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, women on welfare, and users of illicit drugs. Within the criminal justice system, the crimea Würmer, anti-minority-rights backlash is disguised Die Symptome einer Infektion mit Würmern aus dem Hund various code words such as equality, family values, and the war on crimea Würmer. Over the past decade or so, in the U.

This movement has scored a number of victories since Backlash was published. The restriction in federal funding for abortions, as always, has brought a disproportionate effect to bear on poor and crimea Würmer women.

The loss of funding for these family planning programs has been devastating in AIDS prevention efforts throughout Africa, and many lives have been lost as a result. Congress in is the first time Congress has ever specifically banned a medical procedure. Under the guise of protecting the fetus from harm, the prosecution of drug-addicted mothers is crimea Würmer part of an alarming trend toward greater state intervention in the lives of pregnant women van Wormer and Davis Clearly the impetus to punish is the driving force here, crimea Würmer as post-pregnancy prosecution does little to protect the crimea Würmer child.

Welfare women, pregnant out-of-wedlock women, mothers with drug problems, female offenders, and even, to some extent, battered women whose plausibility is crimea Würmer undermined: The message was loud and clear: Few female offenders are feminist and fewer still have benefited in any tangible way from the various affirmative action crimea Würmer which have helped women advance up the ladder of the prestigious and academic professions.

Among some striking examples of punitive policies pertaining that are especially relevant to poor and minority women in the U. While gender-neutral policies have dumped single mothers off the welfare rolls, gender-neutral mandatory sentencing for drug law violation has brought unprecedented crimea Würmer of women and especially black women into prison.

Equality for these women subjects them to discipline according to the male model without allowance for their motherhood roles or their history of personal victimization. A flawed notion lurks beneath the current policies: The backlash is felt most by the women least able to take advantage of the new professional opportunities and the least feminist identified.

This vengeful equity phenomenon comes into play most concretely in the correctional arena. This fact is seen in connection with the masculinization of correctional services and standardization of treatment philosophies. The bulk of the funding here has gone to high-tech security systems crimea Würmer to surveillance rather than to educational and counseling services. And in accordance with the new thinking on female criminality, these structures are designed according to the male model of high-security fortresses; such facilities now are often male-run and male-administered with predictable results.

The fact that the majority of women in confinement have been convicted of nonviolent, mostly drug-related tends crimea Würmer be overlooked. Popular literature echoes the contemporary sentiment, and, in reflecting on it, reinforces it.

The crimea Würmer media both reflect and shape the climate of opinion. Driven by market imperatives crime sells and unprecedented competition from multiple news sources, especially related television and newspaper news editors are under pressure to produce fear-generated, sensationalized stories.

The mass media, therefore, are playing a role, unwittingly or not in putting down the feminist movement. Racial discrimination is certainly a factor here as African American and other marginalized females are disproportionately oppressed under harsh enforcement of the law. A more recent study on gender equity in education by the American Association of University Women refutes the boys-crisis argument in crimea Würmer analysis of data from college entrance exams and other measures of achievement Strauss Crimea Würmer shift in direction evidenced in criminal law and sentencing is paralleled in a turnabout in domestic violence research with a new focus on the victimization of males by female perpetrators.

With the proliferation of "husband abuse" discourse, feminist assumptions, research evidence, and claims—that women are more likely to be injured, that women are murdered at three times the rate of men, and that, when separated, they are eight times as likely to be killed …are under attack.

To understand how and why this has happened, "husband abuse" must be situated in the social, economic, and political milieu that produced it and that reinforces it crimea Würmer this day. Buttell and Carneyin their edited anthology, Kann Magen Würmer Who Perpetuate Relationship Violence, exemplify just what the critics above have noted.

Crimea Würmer first offering by Canadian social crimea Würmer Dutton, Nicholls, and Spidel cites study after study from the North American social science literature purportly to show that women initiate violence as much as men.

The read article made the same mistake as the North American media in basing their conclusion that women are more violent than men from survey data gathered in the s that relied on an instrument, the Conflict Tactics Scale that asked the number of times they crimea Würmer slapped, kicked or otherwise hit a partner.

This instrument crimea Würmer problematic because its exclusive focus is on acts performed rather than on the context in which the slapping, kicking, etc. Even some victims, such as battered women are suffering from tendencies to undermine their claims. Paternalistic treatment of women in the courts of law has been replaced with gender neutral treatment and mandatory sentencing according to the offense without any consideration of context.

Crimea Würmer is called the equality-with-a-vengeance stance. This strategy is very clever, because it effectively silences feminists who have fought so hard for equality. So even when female offenders are locked up in medium security prisons and training schools and check this out sent to boot camps, some crimea Würmer are loath to complain. So as the message echoed through the halls of justice: Inhibited by their equality stance, feminists were crimea Würmer off guard, and they failed to raise their voices in any organized source meaningful way.

What you have today, then, is the confinement of women in crimea Würmer prisons designed for the incarceration of dangerous men. The one-style-fits-all, gender-neutrality approach has brought its effect to bear in other areas as well, namely in child custody battles, roles for women in the military, and domestic violence complaints. This issue of whether to fight for gender equality or for special treatment is crimea Würmer issue that still is not completely resolved: To what extent should men and women receive identical treatment under the law or to what extent should allowances be made for their crimea Würmer If allowance is crimea Würmer in one sphere—punishment for crime—what will be the unintended consequences elsewhere—in employment opportunities, for example?

Until reformers are able to build some consensus on this dilemma, crimea Würmer dilemma of equality crimea Würmer differential treatment, many of the horrors engendered by crimea Würmer system will persist.

Gradually, the realization has struck prison reformers that equality of opportunity does not have to mean sameness; and advocacy for gender-sensitive treatment is being well received in crimea Würmer quarters. Arguments from this movement based on the importance of fathers in the family are undermining supports for women victims in the U.

Knowledge of how the backlash works is important in order to contribute to efforts to counter its impact. French feminists have had to fight to ward off mandatory joint custody legislation; the crimea Würmer law would have placed battered women at risk Dufresne A related issue concerns child custody cases.

Latin America has not been immune from a counter-reaction to strides made by feminists. The emergence of a backlash movement has resulted due to the impact of both domestic and global politics, according to Kampwirth Crimea Würmer a domestic perspective, the movement can be crimea Würmer as a reaction against the Sandinista revolution and its aftermath.

From a global perspective, it is a response to what antifeminists see as the challenges of globalization such as feminist successes in international development agencies the loss of sovereignty due to neoliberalism. This anti-feminist movement is also a response to the opportunities provided by globalization such as the emergence of a global antifeminist movement with strong links to like-minded organizations in other countries.

The history of the resurgence of radical Islamism in the Middle East, can be construed as a reaction against modernity and feminism in the West. Today many countries of the Middle East are engaged in a titanic struggle between the forces of modernization and theocracy.

In Iran, for example, crimea Würmer women were becoming more and more liberated, a revolution sought to return women to the roles they had played in Medieval times Yang Two kinds of backlash are the concern of this paper. The first is institutional backlash which operates at the societal level, typically in laws that are written or enacted as a reaction against progress crimea Würmer a minority group. This type of backlash operates at the macro level and is cultural.

Welfare crimea Würmer with small children, pregnant out-of-wedlock women, mothers with drug problems, female offenders, and even, to some extent, battered women whose plausibility is being undermined: The second kind of backlash with which we were concerned in this article is personal backlash.

This form of attack is often a form of crimea Würmer aggression this web page another person such as a family member.

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