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Ascaris lumbricoides or round worm infestation is quite common in the developing world. It affects all age groups but is more common in children. Most of the cases remain asymptomatic. The usual Worm Spulwurm Kinder is an intestinal obstruction. The physicians should be aware Worm Spulwurm Kinder this condition and consider it in the click the following article diagnosis when faced with such a case.

The rare fatal complications include bleeding, perforation and gangrene. Ascaris lumbricoides, infarction, lymph nodes, gangrene. Ascaris or Worm Spulwurm Kinder infestation of the gastrointestinal tract is quite common in the tropics, especially in children. The presentation ranges from being completely Worm Spulwurm Kinder to presenting as an acute abdomen following intestinal obstructive symptoms and rare fatal complications like perforation and gangrene of intestines.

Ascaris or other helminth infestation is Worm Spulwurm Kinder in the developed world. We present Worm Spulwurm Kinder case of mesenteric lymph node infarction and intestinal gangrene due to extensive infestation by Http://xufengxia-music.de/vorbereitung-von-wuermern-fuer-den-menschen-ein-breites-spektrum-von.php lumbricoides in a child aged 4 years.

Surgical intervention was done in this patient and follow up at 6 months, revealed the child to Worm Spulwurm Kinder asymptomatic. A 4 year old girl presented to the outpatient department with the complaints of abdominal pain and distension since last 6 days, as per her mother. She also had history of vomiting since last 3 days. The pain was gradual in onset, colicky in nature and initially was Worm Spulwurm Kinder associated with vomiting. This was followed by a gradual abdominal distension and an increase in the severity of pain and vomiting.

The abdominal distension was more pronounced in the umbilical region. The vomiting was projectile in nature and the vomitus was greenish in colour and contained undigested food particles. The child was partially immunized. The mother also denied the child having any significant medical problems in the past. On physical examination she was poorly nourished with pallor, oral temperature was Respiratory system revealed bilateral air entry with no added sounds but slight respiratory effort, cardiovascular examination revealed normal S1 and S2 with no murmur, central nervous system revealed no neurological deficits.

Abdominal examination revealed a distended abdomen of all quadrants but more pronounced in the umbilical region. Superficial dilated veins could be seen in the epigastric region.

All the quadrants were moving equally with respiration and the hernial orifices were normal. On palpation, there was a diffuse tenderness with guarding. There was no organomegaly. On auscultation, hyperdynamic bowel sound were audible. Per rectal examination revealed stool with altered coloured blood and multiple live roundworms.

At the time of admission, the laboratory investigation included a complete blood count which showed low haemoglobin as 4. Differential leucocyte count were: Kidney function test, random blood sugar were within normal limit. Her chest X-ray revealed no abnormality.

However, X-ray of the abdomen revealed several moderately distended bowel loops with few air fluid levels with no free gas under Worm Spulwurm Kinder diaphragm. The child was initially managed conservatively with correction of fluid and electrolyte imbalance, nasogastric aspiration, broad spectrum antibiotic coverage, blood transfusion and analgesics. No antihelminthic drug was used at this stage. The likely explanation would be that the drugs would kill the Ascaris and that would likely form a bolus aggravating the obstruction.

Hypertonic saline enemas which is used routinely in conservative management was also not used due to the risk Husten kann durch Würmer verursacht complications like perforation of small and large bowel, loss of fluids, dehydration and electrolyte disturbances. She underwent exploratory laparotomy under general anaesthesia the next Worm Spulwurm Kinder, which Worm Spulwurm Kinder 1.

The proximal segment of the bowel was filled with live roundworms forming a bolus, to such an extent that the outline of the worms could be made out through the stretched bowel wall.

After resection of Worm Spulwurm Kinder involved bowel during surgery, the bolus of worms were found occluding the whole bowel lumen. Worm Spulwurm Kinder worms filled approximately a 1 litre kidney tray. A thorough exploration was done to exclude any other associated pathologies as well as to rule out other Worm Spulwurm Kinder of questionable viability in rest of the gut.

The gangrenous segment was resected after ligating the mesenteric vessels and every effort was made to prevent Worm Spulwurm Kinder further contamination of the peritoneal cavity. Following resection, milking of the proximal Worm Spulwurm Kinder was done, which revealed both live and dead roundworms Figure 1b [ Fig. After ensuring the viability of resected bowel ends, continuity of bowel was restored by a two layered end to end anastomosis. A thorough peritoneal lavage was given with warm normal saline.

The whole of the resected bowel segment was sent for histopathological examination Figure 1c [ Fig. The patient received one unit of compatible matched whole blood during surgery. She was put on total parenteral nutrition along with broad spectrum antibiotics and care taken to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance. On the 6 th post-operative day she received one dose of Albendazole mg. She passed 4—6 worms in the following subsequent post-operative period. The child was discharged on 10 th post-operative day.

The dose of Albendazole was repeated at 6 weeks. Histopathology of the resected specimen revealed intestinal wall with extensive transmural haemorrhagic infarct of the intestinal wall. The underlying connective tissue layer, including muscularis showed an intense infiltrate by neutrophils Figure 2a [ Fig. Sections also showed mesenteric fat with thrombosed blood vessels Figure 2b [ Fig.

One of the most remarkable features was the section showing massively infarcted mesenteric lymph nodes with only a narrow peripheral rim of spared cortical tissue with lymphocytes. Almost the whole nodal parenchyma was necrotic, strongly eosinophilic with ghosts of lymphocytes and of other tissue components.

The http://xufengxia-music.de/wermuth-rainfarn-gegen-wuermer.php network was preserved. In the perinodal fibroadipose tissue, an abundant inflammatory exudate was composed of fibrin and polymorphonuclear leukocytes Figure Worm Spulwurm Kinder [ Fig. The other remarkable feature was the presence of infarction of only the germinal centre Figure 3b [ Worm Spulwurm Kinder. This probably can be explained by the centripetal nature of the anatomical blood supply of the mesenteric lymph nodes [1].

Ascariasis or the common roundworm is cosmopolitan, having a world-wide distribution being specially prevalent in the tropics, such as China, India and south east Asia and Africa [2][3].

It is relatively rare in the developed world. It is more common in the lower socioeconomic class, and areas with poor sanitation. However, surveys undertaken by the Division of Helminthology, in the National Institute of Communicable Diseases, Worm Spulwurm Kinder Delhi during the period — to assess the problem of soil transmitted helminths only using WHO methodology of sampling and laboratory examination, found prevalence of Ascaris lumbricoides as Surveys were undertaken targeting children in the age group of 9—10 years.

This condition is found Worm Spulwurm Kinder all age groups but is more common in children. The mode of infection is by swallowing fertilized eggs of Ascaris. The released larvae then migrate to the lungs. Worm Spulwurm Kinder larvae Worm Spulwurm Kinder coughed up by the host are once more swallowed back into the intestine to develop into adult worms.

The size of an adult worm ranges from 15—40 cm in length and 3—5 mm in diameter [5][6]. A heavily infested child may suffer from protein Worm Spulwurm Kinder malnutrition along with deficiency of vitamin A which may cause night blindness [7][8]. Sometimes the body fluid of Ascaris when absorbed is toxic and may give rise to typhoid like fever, urticaria, oedema of face, conjunctivitis Kindern Forum Würmer als bei irritation of the upper respiratory tract [9]http://xufengxia-music.de/larve-wuermer-foto.php. It is also known to cause intussusception, penetration through the ulcers of the alimentary canal, volvulus and even bolus intestinal obstruction when present in large numbers [11][12].

The rare fatal complications are, massive gastrointestinal bleeding with ulceration, perforation, and even gangrene of the bowel wall [13]. Infarction of the mesenteric lymph nodes due to intestinal helminths is unknown. Lymph Worm Spulwurm Kinder are rarely infarcted, due to the well developed vascularity and anastomosis. Reviews of the literature record only a limited number of cases [14][15].

In one study reported [16]all the five patients were middle aged; two had a history of vascular disease, and three had undergone recent surgery in the area drained by the infarcted lymph nodes.

Local trauma caused by fine needle aspiration biopsy Worm Spulwurm Kinder lymph nodes has been occasionally mentioned. There are also reports of lymph node infarction with acute febrile disease of unknown origin [17]. The most common cause of massive lymph node infarction is involvement by tumor, either primary lymphoma or metastatic carcinoma. Therefore, the differential diagnosis of lymph node infarction can be following:.

Only a limited number of intestinal gangrene cases due to torsion of bowel as a result of extensive intestinal ascariasis has been reported in the past [13][18][19]. But none of them has reported the associated infarction of the Worm Spulwurm Kinder lymph nodes.

The cause of the infarction of the mesenteric lymph nodes could be due to lymphatic stasis as a part of volvulus. Lymphatic stasis causing infarct has been studied in protein losing enteropathy [20]. Worm Spulwurm Kinder, no significant sinus dilatations were seen nor any obstructions by adult worms or larvae were seen in the lymphatic channels or the blood vessels.

The causation could be purely physical torsion of the vessels. Volvulus causing coagulative necrosis of lymph nodes Worm Spulwurm Kinder been noted by Nursel [21] and Mahy [22]. The vascularity of the Worm Spulwurm Kinder node is different in mesentric lymph nodes. It is centripetal and therefore more prone to infarct [1]. The marked increase in blood flow, therefore, was largely due to increased shunt flow.

They also noticed significant dilatation of the subcapsular vascular arcade. Interestingly, this was more pronounced in those areas of the lymph node where the perinodal granulocytic infiltrate was most Worm Spulwurm Kinder. The histology of the viable lymph nodes in our case did not reveal any significant granulocytic infiltrate and the sinuses were relatively free but not dilated as described by Herman et al. So this does not really explain the antigenic stimulus from dead larvae causing infarct.

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